Submission Guidelines

Call for Submissions to WE Poetry Awards 2022. Submission Period Oct 19, ’21 – Jan 15, ’22

WE are open for submissions to the following four WE Awards :

WE Kamala Das Poetry Award 2022
WE Eunice de Souza Poetry Awards 2022
WE Trailblazer Poet Teacher Award 2022
WE Gifted Poet Award (Emerging Voices
) 2022

For all the awards :
Submission opens on       – Oct 19, ’21
Last Date for Submission – Jan 15, ’22

Please note that the Eunice de Souza Poetry Award is in two categories – 1. English and
2. Indian languages.

All other awards are for poetry in English only.

Eligibility – Open to poets residing in India.
(In future, we hope to be international).

NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION PLEASE. If you want to be considered for the WE Awards, please note that you must undertake not to make simultaneous submissions. This must be clearly stated in your application.

Nomination Process
A. If Nominating Yourself, please follow these guidelines –

Submission Guidelines :

1. Mention the Award Name in the Subject line
2. Submit not more than three poems and your detailed resume, in Times New Roman font, size 12, in :
a). The body of the email
b). And also attach it as a word.doc file in the email. Please provide your contact address.

3. Email it to

B. If Nominating a Poet :
If you are nominating another poet, please mention why you are nominating her/him, along with relevant supporting facts, and

Provide the email and contact address of the poet.

Submission guidelines are the same as above.

Submit to award categories:
You can submit to more than one award, in separate applications.

Information about Awards, Dates, Categories, Nomination Process and Submission Guidelines have been provided above for your reference and use.

Please follow the guidelines carefully while making your submission, to ensure it is read.

All the best !

WE are proud members of CLMP!

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Inaugural Editions

Yugen Quest Review opened with two special editions :

  1. WE Awards ’20 Special Inaugural Issue, July/Aug 2021
  2. Translation Special Edition, Sept/Oct 2021

Submission Guidelines

Yugen Quest & Review will present two main issues a year, with periodic updates in between.. The two main issues are Celebrating Summer which will feature poetry from our April writing month  at #CeWoPoWriMoWE; and the Festive Fall issue with a call for submission to the WE Poetry Awards. Submissions are welcome throughout the year and there is no fee.

Poetry: Please send us not more than six poems in the body of your email and  attached as a word doc in Times New Roman font size 12. All poetic forms are welcome.  Email your submission along with a very brief bio note and photograph  to, In the subject line mention the form – free verse/sonnet/sestina/tercet/ other.

No simultaneous submissions please.

Haiku, haibun, senyru, tanka are very welcome. Please follow the same guidelines as above.

Flash Fiction: Please submit 1 – 2  works, not exceeding 1000 words each,  in the body of your email and  also attached  as a word doc in  Times New Roman font size 12. Email your submission along with a very short bio and photograph to  

No simultaneous submissions please.

Preference is given to previously unpublished work. (Blogs and online posts will be considered published). However, in some exceptional cases, published work may also be considered, with due credit to the first publisher.

Selected works from Yugen Quest Review will be considered for inclusion into forthcoming anthologies.

Yugen Quest does not offer payment to contributors at this time

Interview : Please submit a previously unpublished interview with an inspiring poet/author to

Book Review : We welcome reviews of books/ poetry collections and you may submit them to, in Times New Roman font size 12.

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